\setcitestyle{notesep={: }}

I am using package natbib and bibliography style chicago. Its settings are close to what I want, but there are some things that should be changed. If anyone knows to, please help me! The paragraph in bold is what I get from latex, and the next one is what I am looking for.

1) I want to have the non-abbreviated name for only this entry because it is not person's name. I also want to provide the Url after the title.

Börse, D. (2002). Deutsche börse rejects porsche’s criticism of quarterly reports.

Deutsche Börse (2002). Deutsche börse rejects porsche’s criticism of quarterly reports. Available at http://deutsche-boerse.com [Accessed 24.11.2009].

2) I want to change italic for the volume number (22) to upright font, and I want to replace the , (comma) in front the page numbers with a : (colon).

John, T. A. (1993). Accounting measures of corporate liquidity, leverage, and costs of financial distress. Financial Management 22 (3), 91–100.

John, T. A. (1993). Accounting measures of corporate liquidity, leverage, and costs of financial distress. Financial Management 22 (3): 91–100.


Welcome to TeX.SE!

The solution to the first part of your first question, about getting the author to be displayed as Deutsche Börse rather than as Börse, D., is not related to any particular bibliography style but to the way one should enter "corporate" authors in BibTeX. To signal to BibTeX that a given author's name is "corporate" -- and hence doesn't consist of a first name, potentially some middle name(s), potentially a "von" component, and a surname -- you need to encase it in dual curly braces:

author = {{Deutsche B{\"o}rse}},

That way, it'll also get sorted under "D" rather than under "B", which is probably what you want, right? :-) For a discussion of why you should want to write B{\"o}rse rather than Börse, I suggest you read this answer to the question "How to write “ä” and other umlauts and accented letters in bibliography?" (Shameless self-citation alert!) For much more information regarding the formatting of names of corporate authors in author and editor fields, check out either this answer or that answer.

Incidentally, you should really also aim to prevent the words Börse and Porsche in the title field from being converted to all-lowercase letters. You can do so by encasing them in curly braces:

title  = {Deutsche {B{\"o}rse} rejects {Porsche's} criticism of quarterly reports},

You don't indicate which entry type you use for this entry, so I'll assume it's the @misc type. Assuming the hyperref package is loaded as well, the following entry should deliver the goods for you (when used with the chicago bibliography style):

   author = {{Deutsche B{\"o}rse}},
   title  = {Deutsche {B{\"o}rse} rejects {Porsche's} criticism of quarterly reports},
   year   = 2002,
   howpublished = {Available at \url{http://deutsche-boerse.com} [Accessed 24. 11. 2009]},

To achieve your second set of objectives, viz., to get the volume number printed in upright rather than italic style and to replace the comma after the issue number with a column, it's necessary to edit the file chicago.bst a bit:

  • Locate the file chicago.bst in your TeX distribution and make a copy of this file; name the copy, say, mychicago.bst. Do not edit original files directly.

  • Open the file mychicago.bst in your favorite text editor and locate the function named format.jour.vol. (It starts on line 697 in my copy of this file.)

  • A few lines down from the header line of the function, locate the line

            volume emphasize.space

    Replace it with


    (I.e., remove the string emphasize.space.)

    • A few more lines down, still in the same function, locate the line

        { ", " *  pages n.dashify * }

    and replace it with

          { ": " *  pages n.dashify * }
  • Save the file mychicago.bst, either in the directory where your main .tex file is located or in a directory that's searched by your TeX distribution. If you take the latter approach, be sure to update the TeX filename database in a way that's appropriate for your TeX distribution.

Finally, replace the directive \bibliographystyle{chicago} directive with, you guessed it, \bibliographystyle{mychicago}. Re-run BibTeX and LaTeX twice more to fully update the typesetting of the references. Specifically, if your bib entry looks like this:

   author = {Teresa A. John},
   title  = {Accounting measures of corporate liquidity, leverage, and costs 
             of financial distress},
   journal= {Financial Management},
   year   = 1993,
   volume = 22,
   number = 3,
   pages  = {91--100},

the typeset entry should like this:

enter image description here

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