I have some text with a couple of footnotes in tables which I handle with the footnote package. The footnote text is very very long and it makes the code unreadable, it happened already that I had to bisect the entire code to find small syntax error in tables which I missed because of the really ugly code.

Is it possible to move the footnote text away from the footnote command in code?

I know already about the footnotemark-footnotetext solution, but I would like a general solution that could be used for other commands to. For example with hyperlinks and similar stuff. Is there any way to achieve this?

What I would like is something like this (this is not real code):


main text here\footnote{1}
more main text\footnote{2}
more text\href{3}{name}
% footnote contents
[1] footnote 1 text
[2] footnote 2 text
% email addresses
[3] mailto:[email protected]


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Just to point out what you probably already know: that if you don't want email addresses cluttering the main body of your text, you can factor them out just by using vanilla LaTeX macros, like this:



\def\harryemail{mailto:[email protected]}
\def\sallyemail{mailto:[email protected]}


Email \href{\harryemail}{Harry} or \href{\sallyemail}{Sally}


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