How to make a line with ornament like one below {TEX} logo on this site?

What is specific term for it?


Try this:

\hrulefill\hspace{0.2cm} \floweroneleft\floweroneright \hspace{0.2cm} \hrulefill

enter image description here


For fonts of ornament, see question Free ornaments font.

I raised the line a little.
enter image description here


\newcommand\crulefill[1][1ex]{\leavevmode\leaders\hrule depth \dimexpr-#1+0.4pt height #1\hfill\kern0pt}



  • But this generates a "line" made from this symbols, doesn't it? I think to OP wants "---- (symbol) ----" instead. – Martin Scharrer Feb 17 '11 at 16:35
  • Sorry for misunderstanding. – Leo Liu Feb 17 '11 at 16:52

to have a line with some symbol in the middle, just use

\hrulefill WHATEVERSYMBOL \hrulefill

You can use the ornaments cited by Leo. You might also want to add spaces around the ornament:

\hrulefill~ WHATEVERSYMBOL~ \hrulefill

You might also want to move the symbol around to align it with the rules and avoid the indent:

\noindent \hrulefill~ \raisebox{-4pt}[10pt][10pt]{\textxswup}~ \hrulefill

Here is what you would get: enter image description here

Clearly, you will want to make a new macro to use that more easily.


If you want to use "ornements" to make a frame (cadre in french), some links very interesting in french, you have some sources and some explanations to install fonts :





You can find a lot of documents on this site

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