I'm working with the package qtree and I'd loved to make more levels. My code is:

    \Tree [.{L} [.{L1} {\textit{Lag}: \\ ${\textstyle x=y$ \\ \small{C}}  ]
                [.{L2} {\textit{Lag}: \\  ${\textstyle x=z$} ] ]                                                                                                            


I would like to have that \small{C} is on e new level under {\textit{Lag}: \\ ${\textstyle x=y$ but here it is in the same level (I've worked with \\ to put it on a new line)

I would also want more vspace between the levels, but I can't find how I must do that.

Can somebody help me?

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Here's one possibility using the enhanced tikz-qtree package:



every tree node/.style={align=center, anchor=north},
level distance=50pt]
\Tree [. L [.L1 [.{\textit{Lag:}\\ $x=z$} {\small C} ] ]  
                [.L2 {\textit{Lag}:\\ $x=z$} ] ]                                                                                                            


enter image description here

Using level distance=<length> you can control the vertical distance between the anchors of a parent and its children.

Not related to the problem, but \small is a font switch not a command with arguments; also there was no need to use \textstyle in your example code.

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