I want to make a table that has terms on the left side with .25\textwidth and descriptions on the right side with .75\textwidth Like

Name:                    asdjoia
Position:                astronaut
...:                     sadas

With the widths of the columns set, the table tends to be a bit on the right side of the paper though. I tried inserting a LaTeX argument for the table: @{}ll@{}, which indeed removes the indentation, but leaves me without the permanent width of the left side.

The source of the table looks like this:

Name: & asdjoia\tabularnewline
Position: & astronaut\tabularnewline
...: & sadas\tabularnewline

And the related preamble code set to


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You have removed the outer padding with @{} but you still have padding on the inner cell borders totalling 2\tabcolsep You may also have a paragraph indentation (depending on the code you didn't show) so


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