Using the tool 'macro' in MS-word we can save any text 'word' or 'sentences'through a short cut key and use them using that key. As for example, I want to create a short cut key of the sentence This is a macro tool.to use later. In MS word we can save this sentence using 'Ctrl+K'(say).If I want to get the sentence ``This is a macro tool'' I have to press 'Ctrl+K'. Is there any such way in Latex ?

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    The key bindings are a function of the editor, but you have not said which editor you use. In latex of course you can define a macro as \newcommand\myword{This is a macro tool} and use it as \myword, But I think you are asking about an unspecified editor. – David Carlisle May 11 '13 at 18:59
  • I am using 'kile' on the system ubuntu. – Soumitra Sen May 11 '13 at 19:02
  • Have a look at autokey then... There are nice tutorials available, I wrote a German article on the installation once. uweziegenhagen.de/?p=1535, uweziegenhagen.de/?p=1590 – Uwe Ziegenhagen May 11 '13 at 19:02
  • I know nothing of Kile (but some people here use it I think, so you will probably get an answer) but generally since TeX is a macro processor, people use (La)TeX macros for such abbreviations rather than editor shortcuts. – David Carlisle May 11 '13 at 19:04

I use several tools for this purpose, depending on the operating system:

  • Windows: Autohotkey
  • Mac OS X: Textexpander
  • Linux: Autokey

As I do most of my work under Windows I know Autohotkey best. Here are a few of my shortcuts:

:*:desc#::\begin{{}description{}}`r\item[]`r\item[]`r\item[]`r\end{{}description{}}{UP 3}{LEFT}
:*:enum#::\begin{{}enumerate{}}`r\item `r\item `r\item `r\end{{}enumerate{}}{UP 3}
:*:f#::\frac{{}{}}{{}{}}{LEFT 3}
   Gestern = %A_Now%
   EnvAdd, Gestern, -1, Days
   FormatTime, Gestern, %Gestern%, dd.MM.yyyy
   Send, %Gestern%
   Heute = %A_Now%
   FormatTime, Heute, %Heute%, yyyyMMdd
   Send, %Heute%
:*:item#::\begin{{}itemize{}}`r\item `r\item `r\item `r\end{{}itemize{}}{UP 3}

Autohotkey can calculate dates, a feature I really like. So by typing h# I get today's date in YYYYMMDD. I wished I had learnt about this tool when I started TeXing...

Autokey has similar features plus it can run Python-scripts.

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