In my university project I am doing software testing - planning, implementation, evaulation. All test documents have the format:

  • General information
  • Test categories
  • Test cases
  • Test implementation information
  • Test run results
  • Conclusion, errors

As the test subject (software) is about graphs, the test cases are also represented with images (one visio file for one word document). I also have to put some comments on classes and methods. Now I am storing a lot of redundant information in a quite unstructured format (for the computer). The main test results are also in trx files (which are XML and can be parsed easily with powershell). I would like to make this "system" less redundant. I would like to store the test document in a strongly structured format (like xml). My question is whether there is any XML to LaTeX converters? I don't want to use XSLT. Google did not help me this time.


You could use DocBook, and convert to LaTeX with Pandoc.

pandoc -f docbook -t latex yourfile.docbook

DocBook is pretty well documented.

As an alternative to a more structured format, Emacs org-mode can give you plenty of features in a text format, with many export options including LaTeX.

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