I have somme problem while I'm trying to compile template CV from: http://www.latextemplates.com/template/friggeri-resume-cv . I have install texlive-full package on Ubuntu and tryied to compiled this template with command: lualatex cv_10.tex And I get:

: /home/lgadawski/.texmf-var/luatex-cache/generic/names/otfl-names.lua

! fontspec error: "font-not-found"
! The font "HelveticaNeue" cannot be found.
! See the fontspec documentation for further information.
! For immediate help type H <return>.

l.53 \newfontfamily\bodyfont[]{Helvetica Neue}

I have also trying to do this on Windows with MikTex with same result. I spent some hours but couldn't find explanation why is that and how could I properly compile it and built my own CV.



That template assumes you have obtained a license for Linotype's Neue Helvetica (€45 to €1500) and properly installed the font. If you haven't, try {Arial}, {TeX Gyre Heros}, or whatever you like, instead. Locate friggeri-cv.cls and modify the following lines (l. 53--58):

\newfontfamily\bodyfont[]{Helvetica Neue}
\newfontfamily\thinfont[]{Helvetica Neue UltraLight}
\newfontfamily\headingfont[]{Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold}

\setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text, Color=textcolor]{Helvetica Neue Light}
  • Thanks for answer Nils. Do U know some similar fonts like Helvetica UltraLight or Light? Becouse Arial unfortunately doesn't have such faces.. And another question is why on Windows with MikTex I can successfully compile it when I change lines that U adviced, but on Ubuntu I can't, and get the same error like erlier with Helvetica? Thanks Again! – Lukasz Gadawski May 12 '13 at 20:05
  • @LukaszGadawski -- A regular Ubuntu installation is unlikely to have Arial installed by default. Do you have such a font installed? (Try: fc-list | grep -i arial) Alternatively, did you try it with TeX Gyre Heros? I believe it can be installed with apt-get install tex-gyre. – jon May 13 '13 at 0:14
  • 2
    Perhaps a suitable free replacement font would be Source Sans Pro by Adobe. When I installed it, I got black, bold, semibold, regular, light, and extralight fonts, which should be able to replace the 'ultralight' and 'condensed bold' of Helvetica. – jon May 13 '13 at 0:19
  • @Jon -- Adobe Sans Pro is very nice, thank U. – Lukasz Gadawski May 14 '13 at 20:39
  • 1
    @Jon How did you guys install Adobe Sans Pro? I'm using Windows 7 and I don't find how to install this font. – Kalissar Nov 30 '13 at 12:10

Just for completeness: It is also possible to use the simplified version of the Friggeri CV from my github account. I modified the template so that it works with a regular Texlive installation and pdflatex, without the need for luatex and biber.


(As requested.)

One alternative might be Source Sans Pro by Adobe, which gave me the following fonts:

SourceSansPro-BlackIt.otf       SourceSansPro-It.otf
SourceSansPro-Black.otf         SourceSansPro-LightIt.otf
SourceSansPro-BoldIt.otf        SourceSansPro-Light.otf
SourceSansPro-Bold.otf          SourceSansPro-Regular.otf
SourceSansPro-ExtraLightIt.otf  SourceSansPro-SemiboldIt.otf
SourceSansPro-ExtraLight.otf    SourceSansPro-Semibold.otf

Which should include enough variations to replace the Helvetica-Neue fonts. I suppose you'd want to use the -Black.otf version for Condensed Bold, -ExtraLight.oft for the Ultralight, and so on.

In terms of installing them, under GNU/Linux, I simply added them to my ~/.fonts directory. On Windows, my comment suggested this might be accomplished by moving the files to the 'Fonts' folder in the 'Control Panel' --- but that is a hazy memory from Windows XP days. (Please correct me if I'm mistaken.) Macs must have a personal fonts folder, too, but as to where that might be....

But nowadays, you can install Source Sans Pro directly from CTAN, and then use (if so inclined) via \usepackage{sourcesanspro}. This is much easier in general, but I'd be inclined in this case to make the substitutions directly.

  • @LondonRob -- I posted an answer; I hope this is what you meant! – jon Aug 6 '14 at 14:58

... so after installing Source Sans Pro,modify friggeri-cv.cls as follows:

\newfontfamily\thinfont[]{SourceSansPro ExtraLight}
\newfontfamily\headingfont[]{SourceSansPro Black}

\setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text, Color=textcolor]{SourceSansPro Light}
  • 1
    Don't modify class files, do the changes in the document preamble. – Johannes_B Jun 28 '15 at 14:03

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