I have a bibliography I want to be displayed by IEEEbib.bst (or unsrt), but I want the citations to be [author, year] and not [number].

I tried using \usepackage{natbib} with \citep etc. but then I have to use \bibliographystyle{plainnat}, and if I use \bibliographystyle{IEEEbib} or unsrt, I can't use author-date.

So how can I do both author-date citations and IEEEbib.bst bibliography style?

MWE: (beamer style)

\begin{frame} {Bibliography}

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There is no way to make IEEEbib.bst work as an author-year citation style, but you can use one of the derived styles in the IEEEtran bundle. Both IEEEtranN and IEEEtranSN provide an author-year style that can be used in conjunction with natbib, the first listing the references "unsorted" (in order of appearance), the second one sorted by author.

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