I am new to using LaTeX, I have not figured out how to properly install a package yet. I believe this is my issue, if someone could help guide me through the proper way of doing so I would appreciate it. Even though I grew up with computers, I act like someone one from the 1940's when using them. I know some basic techniques, but a lot of the stuff advanced users might consider trivial is non-trivial to me.

Set up:

  • I run a MacBook Pro 2012 with Snow Leopard OS.

  • I installed LaTeX using macports on my machine from the terminal. I also downloaded Texmaker editor and use that to write my documents.


  • I looked on this website and it says you should install packages in ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex. Which I am guessing the ~ = /Users/<username>

  • I checked my finder and this is all I found; /Users/Obitus/Library/texlive/2012/texmf-var

    I also found these:




  • I can't find the venn package folder anywhere, but Tex Live Utility says its installed.

Steps I have performed:

  • I have installed texlive-math-extra package from macports, this is where I originally found the package. It did not work, so I tried installing TeX Live full, which I think a friend of mine did for me a while back.

    I figure the files will overwrite themselves and all will be good, or at least I hoped. Nothing happened, all my previous documents run fine.

  • I became a little braver and downloaded venndiagram.dtx and venndiagram.sty and followed the instructions given to me. I actually got the file to work but only on my desktop. So it only works when I save files on my desktop, not with my TeXmaker editor which saves the files somewhere else.

So now I am I hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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    You should install MacTeX; it has a full TeX-Live distribution plus GUI applications for editing etc. One-stop shopping. Also, ~ -> your HOME directory i.e., /Users/Obitus – Matthew Leingang May 15 '13 at 16:04
  • Welcome to TeX.SX! You may have a look on our starter guide – texenthusiast May 15 '13 at 16:05
  • Have a look at for MacTeX distro How do I add a .sty file to my MacTeX/TeXShop installation? – texenthusiast May 15 '13 at 16:07
  • @texenthusiast That answer assume a MacTeX distribution. The MacPorts version may expect to find things elsewhere, which is probably the cause of the problem. I agree with Matthew that Obitus should install MacTeX instead of using MacPorts. – Alan Munn May 15 '13 at 16:10
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    @texenthusiast Alan is saying OP should follow (A) my advice then (B) your advice. – Matthew Leingang May 15 '13 at 16:12

After reading all the helpful suggestions,the first thing I did was uninstall all the "texlive" ports. I googled "how to uninstall ports in Macports" and found two good websites.

The first one is actual guide to "Macports": http://guide.macports.org/

The second site, which really solved my questions was this one: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/10149/how-to-remove-unused-macports-packages

I ran these separate commands in the terminal:

sudo port uninstall vile texlive @2012_0+doc+full

sudo port uninstall inactive

sudo port uninstall leaves

Your "texlive @" might be different, so you will know which one. "Macports" does a good job of telling you if you typed in the wrong one. This is how I found out. It will tell you what ports named "texlive" you have and which one is active.

After I was done uninstalling the old Latex files, I downloaded "MacTex" and installed it. I then opened "Tex Live Utility" and started installing the "Venndiagram" package.

I warn anyone who has "Lion" OS, it was very difficult to install "MacTex" in the first place. It was the reason why I went to on to use "Macports", later on I found a way to put "Snow Leopard" on my machine.

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