I would like to increase the space between two paragraphs only, not for the whole document. For example I want to have something like this

Paragraph1: One paragraph here

Paragraph2: Space between the 1st paragraph and this one, the default option from.

Paragraph3: the 3rd paragraph to have larger/smaller space from the 2nd, than the 2nd has from 1st (for my purpose I want to be larger).


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To insert local extra space between paragraphs, LaTeX offers the commands \smallskip, \medskip, and \bigskip which will add space of \smallskipamount, \medskipamount, and \bigskipamount (see the example for the default value of those when using the article class). Alternatively, you may add custom extra space with \vspace{<extent of space>}, using either (La)TeX units like pt, ex, etc. or a multiple of, e.g., \baselineskip. (Note: \smallskip & friends internally use \vspace.)


\newcommand*{\sometext}{Hello, here is some text without a meaning. This
    text should show, how a printed text will look like at this place.
    If you read this text, you will get no information.}


\verb|\smallskipamount|: \the\smallskipamount

\verb|\medskipamount|: \the\medskipamount

\verb|\bigskipamount|: \the\bigskipamount








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