Is it possible to use IEEEtran commands in standard latex classes, e.g. \documentclass{article}? I want to import IEEEtran as a package, not a documentclass.


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You can load the IEEEtrantools package. See Appendix C of the IEEEtran documentation. There doesn't seem to be any independent documentation of the package in TeXLive except for a .txt. file that points to Mike Shell's webpage: IEEEtranstools.

  • Thanks! I knew there was something like that; just got an error putting \usepackage{IEEEtr}. Anyhow; thanks!
    – eli
    May 17, 2013 at 14:14

You can go to the IEEEtranstools documentation page, get the content of the .txt file and then copy it in a file named after <name_X>.sty in your working directory. Whenever you want to invoke it, just use the \usepackage{<name_X>}. Sheer magic!


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