I have several question regarding LaTeX and chemfig.

My first question is :

how to create a list of schemes similar to \listoftables and \listoffigures so I can add my reaction schemes to newly created \listofschemes ?

Next question is :

how to make a caption for a reaction scheme in chemfig so I can call the scheme out and it will be displayed in "list of schemes" from my first question. Here is an example of a reaction scheme:




\scriptsize\chemfig{*6((!{Rsubst})-=-(-[,0.8]I)=(-[,0.9]N(-[:150,1.3]R\rlap{$^2$})(-[:30,1.3]R\rlap{$^1$}))-=)}\+{1em,1em ,7pt} 
\arrow{->[\footnotesize\parbox{110pt}{\centering $3$ mol \%,
PdCl$_2${(}PPh{)}$_3$\\[-7pt] $2$ mol \%, CuI, Et$_3$N}][\footnotesize MW,
60$^\circ$C, 20 min\footnotesize]}

%This should be a caption
\centerline{Scheme 1.5. Microwave assisted Sonogashira coupling


My third question is :

How to line up the reaction scheme above?

I really appreciate any help!

  • A tip: If you indent lines by 4 spaces, they'll be marked as a code sample. You can also highlight the code and click the "code" button (with "{}" on it). Commented May 18, 2013 at 5:22
  • Concerning your first question: it can be done with tocloft, like shown here. Also, are you sure your MWE is really "minimal"? You load a lot of packages, are all of them really neccesary for this short example? Commented May 18, 2013 at 6:35

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I'll answer under the assumption that you're the one who emailed me the other day about Missing bond type in chemical rendering packages? and to whom I suggested the following definition of the submol {Rsubst}:

  subst/.style={shorten <= 10pt,preaction={draw=white,line width=6pt}}

since a submol {Rsubst} is used in your code but never defined. If that is wrong please correct me.

Your first and second question are actually the same: captions and a list of <thingy> both are properties of floats. The real question therefore is: how to define a new float?

Since you're already using the caption package I suggest to use the newfloat package for defining a {scheme} environment analogous to the {figure} and {table} environments. The package is from the same author and will work together nicely.

  fileext   = los ,    % name of file extension
  name      = Scheme , % name of float type
  within    = chapter ,% counter within
  placement = htbp     % default placement

This also defines a \listofschemes which will (after two compilations) give the list of schemes.

A few remarks to your scheme: I don't understand what you mean with “line up” in your third question but I made some adjustments:

  • I used the fourth possibility of stacking stuff in arrow labels from my answer to your question Chemfig new line reaction scheme. This means: no need for the \parbox.
  • I deleted the \rlap{...} constructs as I don't think they're needed. The R^2 substituents can be adjusted with chemfig's | syntax for dividing atoms and the use of the arrival option of bonds, see another answer of mine.
  • I used an invisible arrow (type 0) of length 0 to center the plus with respect to the preceding molecule. There are other ways but I find this way the most convenient one in most cases.
  • I introduced the packages siunitx and chemmacros for typesetting of units and for typesetting of chemical formulae.
  • I shortened the bond length of the molecules in the scheme by setting \setatomsep{1.8em}.

The result of all of the above is this, page one:

the list of schemes

and on page two:

the scheme

Here's the whole code:


% make the arrow label nodes center aligned. This will also allow to use \\ in
% the arrow labels and will make the use of \parbox unnecessary
% \xpatchcmd{<cmd>}{<search>}{<replace>}{<success>}{<failure>}
% the starred variant replaces all occurrences of <search>
  {node[}% search
  {node[align=center,}% replace
  {}% success
  {}% failure

% define the substituent submol:
  subst/.style={shorten <= 10pt,preaction={draw=white,line width=4pt}}

% use other useful chemistry tools, too, e.g. the handy \ch command:

% set units in a unified way:

% customize captions, define floating scheme environment:
  fileext   = los ,
  name      = Scheme ,
  within    = chapter ,
  placement = htbp



\chapter{Foo Bar}

      [\SI{3}{\molpercent}, \ch{PdCl2(PPh)3}\\ \SI{2}{\molpercent},\ch{CuI}, \ch{Et3N}]%
      [MW, \SI{60}{\degree}, \SI{20}{\minute}]}
  \caption{Microwave assisted Sonogashira coupling reaction.}


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