I added \tiny before adding \bibliographystyle. But it is not changing the font size. Any suggestions for reducing the font size of the reference?

  • if you trying to set bibliography to smaller then main (where main is pt.10)text just use \begin{thebibliography}...as i remember it makes it pt.8 or so ....
    – vveliev
    May 20, 2013 at 8:30

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That is deliberately prevented. You must understand that the IEEEtran class really works as a sort of 'container' for the contents of your paper and effort has been made to have all the formatting already done, so all the papers in the journal/conference proceeding will look the same. So it's not a good idea to alter the formatting, unless you know, what you're doing. But enough of this sermon, of course there is a way around it. :) You should try to modify the font size in the preamble, like this:

  • 4
    hm when I try this I get a \bibfont undefined
    – Diego
    Apr 24, 2015 at 0:02

The following snippet has been "freshly" tested for one of my IEEE papers. :) Add somewhere in the preamble before \begin{document}:

\renewcommand{\IEEEbibitemsep}{0pt plus 0.5pt}

Here you can play with the spacing between items (first line), and the overall font size of the bibliography (third line). Works for me!


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