I am using text editor 'kile 2.1 beta 4' on the system 'ubuntu 10.04' . But in kile I can,t view the 'messages/log files' : enter image description here

Here is an screenshot of my 'kile' is given below :
enter image description here

How can I view 'messages/log files' ?

  • Did you try to click on that vertical buttons between the left scroll bar and the main window. See that there is above the alpha button another two, named structure and files and projects.
    – Sigur
    May 20 '13 at 14:19

On my version of Kile (2.1.3) you go

settings >> Show Messages Bar

The message bar then shows up on the bottom of the screen. It might be resized to be really small making it invisible. If so, there will be 3 really little dots that you can grab to resize it.


I had the same problem and I noticed it was hidden in the bottom because its height was reduced a lot and there was nothing to show. I don't know the root cause but I fixed it as follows. I went to the bottom of the kile and tracked the mouse cursor. At some point at the bottom of the kile window (approximately 1cm or quarter of an inch above the bottom) the cursor symbol changed to resize. It is above the Line information. Use it to pull up the Log and messages window.

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