I would like to define a new environment with an optional parameter. Currently, I have

\newenvironment{propExt}[1][]{\ifx!#1! \begin{prop} 
\else \begin{prop}(Proof in \ref{#1})} 

When I put the optional argument, everything works fine, e.g.


However, with no argument, \begin{propExt}, I have the error message

! Incomplete \ifx; all text was ignored after line 283.

I think the problem comes from the fact that \end{prop} is not executed if there is no argument specified, as it follows \else

How should I do?

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That's because you have no ending clause for the \ifx statement; it has the structure \ifx...[\else]...\fi. A naive approach to achieve what you're after would be:

  {\begin{prop}% Start prop
   \ifx\empty#1\relax\else(Proof in~\ref{#1})\fi}% Conditionally add (Proof in~\ref{#1})
  {\end{prop}}% End prop

This checks whether the supplied optional argument matches \empty (whether this is defined or not). There are other ways of performing these checks. Most notably would be using xparse:

\usepackage{xparse}% http://ctan.org/pkg/xparse
  {\begin{prop}% Start prop
   \IfNoValueTF{#1}{(Proof in~\ref{#1})}{}}% Conditionally add (Proof in~\ref{#1}

xparse provides the condition \IfNoValueTF{<arg>}{<true>}{<false>} where you condition on whether or not a value was supplied to <arg> (a single optional argument in the above case). An even simpler method (if no false clause is required) is to use \IfValueT{#1}{(Proof in~\ref{#1})}.

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