I'm creating a set of mathematics worksheets, and I'd like to have an upside down "answer key" below a set of enumerated questions. Here is what I have at the moment:



\rotatebox{180}{$1. \underline{5}$ $2.\underline{5}$
$3.\underline{10}$ $4.\underline{8}$}

This produces the following:

enter image description here

Given that all the answers are in the same format (problem number, then an underlined answer), is there a way to create a command that would produce the formatted text (I can add the \rotatebox myself) for a set of values?

I'm thinking something like this:


Taking some hints from Package xparse \SplitList last token, you can define a list processor that performs your request iteratively:

enter image description here

\usepackage{graphicx,xparse}% http://ctan.org/pkg/{graphicx,xparse}
\NewDocumentCommand\createanswerbox{O{,\,} >{\SplitList{,}}m}
  \setcounter{itemcntr}{0}% Start at 1.
  \def\itemdelim{\def\itemdelim{#1}}% Define list separator with one delay
  \ProcessList{#2}{\myitem}% Process list


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  • Exactly what I was looking for! I added dollar signs before and after the underline to put the answers in math mode. Thanks! – Chris Gregg May 22 '13 at 7:04

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