There is a very convenient way to have alternating row colors in tabu using \taburowcolors{ .. }. But is there a way to do the same thing with columns plus alternating row colors ? What I want basically, is something like:

column 1 (blue)... | ....column 2 (blue).......|...........cell 3 (blue).............|    
row 1 (blue)...... | ....row 1 (light blue)... | Tableheader row 1 (lighter blue)... |    
row 2 (blue)...... | ...row 2 (pearl white)... | Tableheader row 2 (light gray)..... |

PS: Sorry for the dot-formatting... hope you get the idea. Is this even possible with tabu?

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You can define colors for columns using \columncolor. See the example below. For a specific cell, you might use \cellcolor. See the colortbl docs.



a & b & c \\
d & \cellcolor{green}{e} & f

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