Is there a beamer theme that allows one to add small thumbnails of authors to the right end of the frame title line?

Ideally I'd like something that can easily work on successive pages throughout a document. Is there an automatic sizing facility?

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  • Some beamer themes (or beamer based classes or packages) provide such a facility try hobete for expamle.
    – bloodworks
    May 30, 2013 at 16:07
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As suggested in a comment, the hobete shows one way to do this: alter the frametitle template. As this is 'standard' beamer it's easiest done without the extras of the package:

      [wd=\paperwidth,dp=1ex, ht=4.5ex, sep=0.5ex, colsep*=0pt]%
      {frametitle in title}%
        \raisebox{-2ex}[0pt][-\ht\strutbox ]{\includegraphics[height=1cm]{example-image-a}} 

  \frametitle{Test a}

  \frametitle{Test b}


The exact detail of the frametitle template you need to alter will depend on your overall design, but basically it comes down to adding a fill and including the graphic. I've used a demo one: a real case might make this a command such as \inserttumbnail os something like that.

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