I'm using the package import for chapters of a document. This makes it possible for me to use relative paths when I call \input. It also adjusts paths when I call \includegraphics. It does not, however, adjust the path when I call \graphicspath.

Q: How can I prepend the current sub-directory from \subimport to \graphicspath.


paper.tex contains:


and subdirectory/contents.tex contains:


The error is then:

LaTeX Error: File `picture' not found.

It is at ./subdirectory/images/picture.png

Edit: I have posted my own unsatisfactory workaround to this problem below.


Here's my current solution. I redefine \graphicspath to inject the directory (in this case subdirectory).


I then call renewcommand before each call to subimport with the same path.

This is not optimal for me, however, because it does not work if I enclose the path in a block, as in:


So, I've had to edit all the graphicspath calls to remove the blocks, as in:


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