I would like to represent the movement of a single electron in a reaction mechanism (grignard-reaction)

Is there a predefined arrow (something like a harpoon) for that in chemfig? Or does anyone have an idea?


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You can load the TikZ-library arrows and use the arrow tips left to and right to. Here's a quick example:

enter image description here


  % a long invisible bond should suffice but this demonstrates
  % that also scheme nodes can be referenced in \chemmove{}:
  \draw[red,-right to,shorten >=3pt]
    (Cl) ..controls +(90:7mm) and +(100:7mm) .. (nb) ;
  \draw[red,-left to,shorten >=3pt]
    (bd) ..controls +(100:7mm) and +(80:7mm) .. (nb) ;
  \draw[red,-right to,shorten >=3pt]
    (bd) ..controls +(80:7mm) and +(100:7mm) .. (C) ;

  • Thanks a lot! These arrows looked different in TikZ-documentation. Maybe I should've test it next time :)
    – philipp
    Commented May 26, 2013 at 17:00

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