I'm working on a beamer poster template where I need precise control over all margins. I got rid of most, but the mandatory frame environment(1) introduces a 5.69pt(2) which I cannot find(3).

Observe this example:



%\vskip-5.69pt%    <--- magical vertical space
\end{pgfpicture} with frame%

If we build this and zoom in on the top left corner it looks like this:

vertical frame margin

Now, if we remove the \begin{frame}[t,plain] and \end{frame} we get this:

no vertical margin

Note that the thin black frame around the picture is the page border inserted by my pdf viewer.

I have no idea where the distance between the page border and the pdfpicture comes from. How do I get rid of it?

(1) I can omit the frame, but then I run into trouble with \items in itemize environments. TeX then suddenly claims \item to be an undefined control sequence.

(2) That's the overfull-ness of the \hbox reported by latex when I try to insert a minipage of the dimension [\paperheight]{\paperwidth}.

(3) I tried setting virtually every page margin to 0pt to no avail. Also, the official beamer guide does not mention this margin.

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It's a sneaky one: the t option doesn't push everything right to the top, it sets \beamer@frametopskip to 0.2cm plus 0.5\paperheight. (0.2cm are pretty exactly the 5.69pt you observe).


\define@key{beamerframe}{t}[true]{% top
  \beamer@frametopskip=0pt %<-- was: .2cm plus .5\paperheight\relax%
  \beamer@framebottomskip=0pt plus 1fill\relax%

seems to fix that issue, at least for the tiny example I tested.


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