I have a bar plot graph and I want to use patterns to fill the columns. However it seems that patterns are not working. For compiling I use pdflatex or lualatex.

I also wanted to use pattern width different fill color. Is that possible?




\pgfplotsset{every tick/.style={black,}}

    compat/show suggested version=false,
    tick label style={font=\footnotesize},
    label style={font=\footnotesize},
    legend style={%
        legend columns=2
        legend cell align=left,
        nodes={inner xsep=2pt,inner ysep=0.4pt,text depth=0.15em},

    symbolic x coords={AAA,BBB},
    bar width=16pt,
    enlarge x limits=0.4,
    nodes near coords,
    legend entries={C,D,E,G},

    \addplot[pattern=horizontal lines] coordinates {(AAA,0.32) (BBB,0.43)};
    \addplot[pattern=vertical lines] coordinates {(AAA,0.91) (BBB,0.93)};
    \addplot[pattern=north east lines] coordinates {(AAA,0.19) (BBB,0.16)};
    \addplot[pattern=north west lines] coordinates {(AAA,0.74) (BBB,0.72)};

enter image description here


For the pattern color use:

\addplot[red,pattern=horizontal lines, pattern color=red] coordinates {(AAA,0.32) (BBB,0.43)};

The first red is for the contour of the bar e the pattern color=red is for the pattern itself.

What errors do you have? I use pgfplots 1.5.1 so I use compat=1.5 and I comment your compat/show suggested version=false line and this works for me.

enter image description here

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    It seems in the newer versions of PGFplots it only works when compiling with latex+dvips+ps2pdf or latex+dvipdf. – cacamailg May 31 '13 at 14:59

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