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Is it possible to put a "x\y" style legend in one cell (maybe be made up of several cells) of a table? It would be great to make the 'x' slightly lower while the 'y' slight higher.

Please see the picture below for illustration:


Thank you very much.

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AFAIK, there are two packages for this purpose. One is my diagbox (replacement of old slashbox). The other is makecell. Here is an example of \diaghead in makecell:



\theadfont\diagbox[width=11em]{Diag\\Column Head I}{Diag Column\\Head II}&
\thead{Second\\column}&\thead{Third\\column}\\    \hline
& foo & bar \\    \hline


\diaghead{\theadfont Diag ColumnmnHead II}%
{Diag\\Column Head I}{Diag Column\\Head II}&
\thead{Second\\column}&\thead{Third\\column}\\    \hline
& foo & bar \\    \hline

enter image description here

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