This probably isn't how beamer is intended to be used.

However, I would like to create a beamer slide where:

  • there is only a single line in the slide/frame
  • the single line is vertically and horizontally centered
  • the single line has the exact same style as the frame title

    I'm using \usetheme{default} so there's no magic going on. (The frametitle is just some font in a light blue color.)

    What is the dumbest way I can achieve this? (I see that there are "title slides" -- but I want many of them, and I don't want the author part. I see also that I can use \frametitle in a frame ... but it's stuck at the top of the frame.)

    I'm looking for something that's equiv to:


but in beamer.

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You can use the frametitle font and color; by default the text will be vertically centered, so you only have to add \centering to center the text horizontally:



\frametitle{Test frame}
A line of text


enter image description here


I think this is what you want (essentially combining both of Gonzalo's answers together):

This is a single line of text.

output of code

  • Yes, this is basically what I ended up hacking together using both posts. Thanks! :-) Jun 3, 2013 at 3:13

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