I want to include both pdf and eps image in one latex document. I created a svg image in Inkscape. The .pdf version of the same is exactly like the .svg image. but the .eps version some part of image is missing. All the other images in my document are .eps except for this 2-3 files which i mentioned above. I tried many software to convert the pdf to eps but the result is always same. Those parts are still missing.

Is it possible to incorporate .eps and .pdf in one document ? How? or what other solution can you give me for my problem

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    Just don't include the figure file extension like \includegraphics{figure} and include epstopdf \usepackage{epstopdf} in preamble to have on the fly .eps to .pdf conversion. On TeXLive 2012 is automatic without any package inclusion. Also epstopdf perl script epstopdf figure.eps at command line window/terminal will convert .eps to .pdf – texenthusiast Jun 4 '13 at 6:13
  • You are generating a pdf of the whole document so somewhere there has to be a conversion from eps to pdf (either before, during or after inclusion into the document) If the pdf conversions are going wrong there is probably an error in the EPS. – David Carlisle Jun 4 '13 at 9:50
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From Adobe site:

The moral to this story is that PDF can be used as a replacement file format for EPS, and that PDF can be used as a delivery format for sending complete publications to press. (http://www.adobe.com/print/features/psvspdf/)

So, if you can create the pdf version of yours eps from the original source will better you do it and only work with the pdf format. If it isn't possible, you will need to use epstopdf (as said in the comments of your questions).

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