I have equation

\textbf{P}(k+1|k) = \textbf{F}(k)\textbf{P}(k|k)\textbf{F}^T(k) + \textbf{Q}(k)

where the sign of transposition \textbf{F}^T makes second the time symbol (k) goes much more from matrix \textbf{F}. How to make it closer? Ideally \textbf{F} and (k) should be in same distance in case of \textbf{F}(k) and \textbf{F}^T(k).


You could just insert \!, which gives you a small "negative" horizontal space.

enter image description here

\textbf{P}(k+1|k) = \textbf{F}(k)\textbf{P}(k|k)\textbf{F}^T\!(k) + \textbf{Q}(k)

By the way, the eqnarray environment is deprecated nowadays. For this use, I think equation would serve you well.

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    I would also suggest making a macro for the |. | are used for so many different things, which makes it a nightmare to distinguish each usage from each other. – daleif Jun 4 '13 at 8:35
  • In this document x(k|k-1) means value of x conditional by prediction from k-1 step and x(k|k) means value of x conditional by measurement in time step k. – boucekv Jun 4 '13 at 10:17

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