I need to write a report for my work and I wanted to use our corporate type for this. Is there any possibility to change the document fonts to those customized ones? I've got them as TrueType fonts.

I started using LaTeX some weeks ago and already searched the web and tex.stackexchange for an answer, but either they where not satisfying or I've failed to notice them. I know it's kinda against the spirit of LaTeX to change the fonts, because of researches and stuff, but I would like to use the corporate fonts I've got.


As others have suggested, this can be achieved with XeLaTeX. For example, to typeset using the installed system font Times New Roman the code would be

\setmainfont{Times New Roman}
<your document text here>

You also need to change your compile process (or reconfigure the build profile if you compile from within your editor) to use the XeLaTeX command instead of the PDFLaTeX command. Many popular modern LaTeX editors come with a built-in build profile to compile via XeLaTeX.

You can read more about fontspec in the documentation. If you need to typeset mathematics in your custom font too then you can replace the fontspec package with mathspec, which is documented here.

Before going to this trouble, you might find it worthwhile to look at the LaTeX FontCatalogue. Many popular fonts such as Times or Garamond have free LaTeX versions that can be invoked with a simple command in the preamble.

  • Thanks for your answer, I'll have a look XeLaTeX later on and hope it'll help my with my problem. :) Actually I like the default LaTex fonts and I wouldn't go through all this trouble if we hadn't such a dumb corporate design manual and lucky me, I'm the only one using LaTeX at work, all of my colleagues use MS Word. :( – Chris.V Jun 4 '13 at 12:08

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