How can I use the Goudy Initialen font with Lettrine for the first drop letter of a paragraph? I can't understand from the documentation how to use LettrineFontHook or LettrineFont to do this?


Your question is a bit vague without an MWE, but if the problem is what I think it is, the answer would be something like:


\newfontfamily\goudy[Scale=6]{Goudy Initialen}

\lettrine[lines=4]{L}{orem ipsum}

enter image description here

This uses the TrueType version of the font, as provided by Dieter Steffmann himself. I think someone did a conversion to Type1 once, for use with pdfTeX, but since you seem to be on Xe/LuaTeX, you might as well use the original version.

  • Yes it was that simple. I missed \newfontfamily\goudy[Scale=6]{Goudy Initialen}" as the first statement. Thanks Jun 4 '13 at 22:33
  • @ramonskovitch: glad to hear that. If you consider your questions answered, don't forget to mark the answer you like best as ›accepted‹. If you change your mind later on, or an even better answer is posted, you can still change it.
    – Nils L
    Jun 5 '13 at 9:14

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