I have to type the product of n variables, $x_1\cdot\ldots\cdot x_n$. Although maybe this is semantically the right way (like it is for the sum), it doesn't look very well. What should be, typographically, a better way to do it?

For example:

Just the ldots as in $x_1\ldots x_n$ is confusing when there are going to be also lists of the variables separated by commas in nearby sentences.

With \dotsc like in $x_1\dotsc x_n$ maybe, but is there a better idea?

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Use \cdots. (See also: \vdots and \ddots.)


Actually, I just read in the «Short Math Guide for LaTeX» by the AMS that:

  • \dotsc is for dots with commas,
  • \dotsb is for dots with binary operators,
  • \dotsm is for multiplication dots,
  • \dotsi is for dots with integrals,
  • \dotso is for other dots.

So, \cdots and \ldots are commonly used but the AMS convention is to use the more semantic commands.


Or you can use \dots which can be used both inside and outside of math-mode.


The above link to the «Short Math Guide for LaTeX» by the AMS seems to be broken. Correct link is: http://tug.ctan.org/info/short-math-guide/short-math-guide.pdf

(As answer as I cannot comment)

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