I am trying to typeset my resumé in LaTeX and have created a header that I am really happy with. However, now that I am starting to fill in the rest of my information the margins I have set up to place my header in the correct place are messing with the text.

I was wondering if there is a better way to format my header so that I don't have to mess with my margins so much. When I try to add text, it either comes out so that the left side is off of the page or when I use \flushleft the text is placed near the center of the page.

Here is my code:


\usepackage{hyperref,graphicx, wrapfig,anyfontsize, color, amsmath}

\topmargin = -45pt
\hoffset= -70pt
\textwidth = 550pt
\textheight = 685pt
\headheight = 0pt
\headsep = 0pt
\oddsidemargin = -20pt

\includegraphics[clip=true, trim=0 75 76 0, scale = .7]{FHS_Ship_Wheel.jpg}
%Upper right-hand Corner
\begin{tabular} {lc}
\text{Address Line 1} & \textcolor{Gray}{ Address}\\
\text{Address Line 2 }& \textcolor{Gray}{}\\
\href{thisisnotmyemail@gmail.com}{Email Address} & \textcolor{Gray}{ Email}\\
$\left(555\right)555 -5555$ & \textcolor{Gray}{ Cell} \\
\hspace{2mm} John Q. Public}


Because I am not able to post the image I am using, it can be found here:


Some possible ideas I had were to either wrap all of the header into one figure or image so I could just place it at the top or use a package to format headers that would allow me to lay it out with the title next to the image as I have done. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.

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    It's not clear what you want to achieve but hoffset and oddsidemargin total -90pt so given the 1in reference you are specifying that text lines start around 18pt to the left off the page edge. article does not have a 9pt option so that is doing nothing other than generating a warning. I'd suggest you delete all the length settings in the preamble and specify page layout using the geometry package. – David Carlisle Jun 4 '13 at 22:20

You don't need wrapfig for this. Just build a sequence of boxes. For the margins I used 1cm at all sides, adjust to suit.


\usepackage{hyperref,graphicx,anyfontsize, color, amsmath}

\put(0,0){\includegraphics[clip, trim=0 75 76 0,width=65pt]{FHS_Ship_Wheel.jpg}}
{\fontsize{45}{0}\selectfont John Q. Public}\hfill
\text{Address Line 1} & \textcolor{Gray}{ Address}\\
\text{Address Line 2 }& \textcolor{Gray}{}\\
\href{thisisnotmyemail@gmail.com}{Email Address} & \textcolor{Gray}{Email}\\
(555)\,555-5555 & \textcolor{Gray}{Cell} \\
\hrule height .375mm depth .375mm


The thin lines are drawn by the showframe option, that you'll remove after using it for fine tuning the page parameters.

enter image description here

  • Thanks, that looks really nice. I like the way the title looks when the \hrule is underlining the image and the name is much closer to the image as well. So I got rid of the \hfillafter the picture and pushed it down a bit. Thanks again. – Eric Hemphill Jun 5 '13 at 1:25

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