I'm using both the natbib and the hyperref packages. I would like to be able to selectively not generate hyperlinks for some of the in-text citations. I know that I can use the asterisk with \ref*{...} in order to prevent a hyperlink from being generated for that reference, but adding an asterisk changes nothing with \cite*{...}.

I see that Selectively turn off hyperref links and Remove link from selected references describe how to selectively disable hyperlinks for cross-references, and How to turn on/off certain types (e.g. citation, url, file) of hyperref links? describes how to disable ALL hyperlinks of a given type, but neither of these address my problem.


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Environment NoHyper should help:


A star form is problematic, because some citing commands already have one (e.g. \citep, \citet). But macros can be defined, e.g.:



Heiko's answer is great. However, it doesn't work inside captions, for instance. To make it work, use:


The curly braces inside are important.

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