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Is there a way to let Latex automatically insert a line break not when it runs out of space, but earlier so that the lines in that paragraph have roughly equal length? In my case, I am trying to create this effect with a sentence that is just a little longer than one line. To make sure I have more than two words in the second line of my centered environment.

Such a function exists in Adobe InDesign, for example; it's called "Balance Ragged Lines" there.

OK, thanks for the comments, I got it right in one case. In the other case, the @flushglue just deletes my margins for that paragraph:

\clubpenalty = 10000
\widowpenalty = 10000
\usepackage{array, bm, booktabs, microtype, paralist, subfig, todonotes, verbatim}
{\csname @flushglue\endcsname=0pt plus .25\textwidth
Does this statement resonate with your own interpretation of Hamlet?

If you remove the flushright command, the additional margins will be applied.

Is there a way to get both?

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