I'm having difficult time making the table code work for my paper. The table code is

\begin{tabular]{l l l}
v & a & b \\
4 & 2 & 4 \\

in the preamable, I have

\usepackage{amsthm, tabularx, amssymb, amsmath, amsthm, setspace, graphicx, pdfpages, dcolumn, booktabs, url, float, relsize, fullpage, rotating, ccaption}

I am really not sure why it's not working. Other tables work fine, but when I include this table, the texshop says that paragraph ended before \begin was complete.

I can't seem to really figure out what is really wrong with this code.

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Your code says \begin{tabular] instead of \begin{tabular} (compare the square bracket/brace at the end.)

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    I just found it. What a waste of time...Thank you anyway.
    – halo09876
    Jun 10, 2013 at 23:45

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