Good evening,

I encounter problems with the \pause command in beamer. There is not any pause that work in the pdf resulting file and I do not understand why. If any could help me, thanks. Here is my code.

\documentclass[handout]{beamer}% [handout] supprime la barre de navigation en bas à droite.



\title{Paramertic free form shape optimization for electromagnetism problem}
\author{Pierre Bonnelie}
\institute{Université de Limoges}
\date{June, 10th 2013}

% Sommaire automatique
  \tableofcontents[currentsection, hideothersubsections, pausesubsections]


%\beamerdefaultoverlayspecification{<+->} % Pause entre chaque \item de itemize.

    % Page de titre

    % Sommaire

    \section{Optimal trajectoy problem}

        \item ahaha
        \item aaahhaha

        Voici ma première idée, je cause, je cause...
        Voici la deuxième idée que j'affiche 
        quand     je suis prête à en causer.
        Voici la troisième idée après réflexion.

      \frametitle{Optimal trajectory problem}      
        \item test 1
        \item Vector field
               v & : & \mathbb{R} \times \mathbb{R}^2 & \to & T\mathbb{R}^2\\
          \item Objective function
                 F & : & \mathcal{B}_{N,D} \times \mathcal{C}(\mathbb{R}^2,T\mathbb{R}^2) & \to & \mathbb{R}_+ \\
                   &   &     (\gamma,v)  & \mapsto & F(\gamma,v)\\
            \item Minimization problem
              \[ min ... \]

      \frametitle{Un exemple de titre}
      \framesubtitle{avec un exemple de sous-titre}
      Enfin, le texte ! :)

    \section{Shape optimization problem}

I compile with pdflatex file.tex but all the pauses does not work at all.

Thank you.

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Of course they don't work; you are in handout mode, and for a handout the effect of pauses is obviously deactivated; replace



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  • Short and effective. Love this! – lmsasu May 17 '14 at 5:38

In a recent presentation, the \pause command was working on all slides but one. It turned out I was using the shrink option with the wrong syntax. I had written:


Instead of:

\begin{frame}[shrink = 10]

Once I fixed the shrink code, the \pause commands on the slide all started working again.

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