I'm using:



\newacronym[description={\glslink{acronyms}{this is an acronym}}]{acronyms}{ACRONYMS}{"acronyms"}



blablabla \gls{acronyms} blablabla

\end {document}

Now, the problem is that in the .pdf it appears as:

enter image description here

Too much space and too much lines, therefore too much pages wasted!

How to get rid of this?

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I'm not sure to correctly understand, but it seems to me that you want your acronym description in the same line.

Note that you are using the altlist style when loading glossaries package, which belongs to the 'List Styles' type. These style types use the description environment; moreover with altlist the description starts on the line following the name and that's why you have your acronym printed over two lines.

If you remove style=altlist you get:

enter image description here

Hope this is what you were looking for.

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Package glossaries provides many styles for the acronym list, see Chapter "15 Glossary Styles", examples:

  • style=list (default, if you omit this option)
  • style=long3col (set as longtable in three columns)
  • style=index (similar to an index)
  • ...

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