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Consider the following code from TeXample.net:

enter image description here

How to refactor it for adding sloped labels on the outside of the arrows? Do you have a more elegant solution with TikZ?

% Overlapping arrows
% Author: Elena Botoeva
\usepackage[margin=0.3cm, paperwidth=3.3cm, paperheight=3.3cm]{geometry}


  (10.75:1.1) -- (6.5:1) arc (6.25:120:1) [rounded corners=0.5] --
  (120:0.9) [rounded corners=1] -- (130:1.1) [rounded corners=0.5] --
  (120:1.3) [sharp corners] -- (120:1.2) arc (120:5.25:1.2)
  [rounded corners=1] -- (10.75:1.1) -- (6.5:1) -- cycle

  ashadow/.style={opacity=.25, shadow xshift=0.07, shadow yshift=-0.07},

    \draw[color=darkred, %
    drop shadow={ashadow, color=red!60!black}] \arrow;

    \draw[color=darkgreen, bottom color=green!90!black, top color=green!60, %
    drop shadow={ashadow, color=green!60!black}] [rotate=120] \arrow;

    \draw[color=darkblue, right color=blue, left color=blue!60, %
    drop shadow={ashadow, color=blue!60!black}] [rotate=240] \arrow;

    % to hide the green shadow
    \draw[color=darkred, left color=red, right color=red!60] \arrow;


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    I answered a similar question here, you can adapt it for instance by altering the raise key, probably also by myking it an argument of the macro. – Tom Bombadil Jun 11 '13 at 18:36
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