With the standard TOC, I use this code :

%make the second and other page from TOC without header and footer
\patchcmd{\tableofcontents}% <cmd>
 {\@starttoc}% <search>
 {}{}% <success><failure>

and this code :

%make the first page from TOC without header and footer

And it's working perfectly. But now, I'm trying to write a document with big Appendix. So I write the document in separated files and use the command \include at the end of my master document.

I need to write a separately TOC for my big Appendix, so I'm trying to use the package titletoc. Actually, both the TOCs are correctly generated with this code :

\printcontents{ }{0}{}

And the same code in the included appendix.

My problem is simple: how to remove header and footer in TOC generated by the titletoc package? Obviously, I tried this for the first page :

\printcontents{ }{0}{}{\thispagestyle{empty}}

And I have no idea how to patch the command \printcontents like the command \tableofcontents.

  • You dont need to patch, call \pagestyle{empty} before \tableofcontents, and after, \pagestyle{plain/fancy/whatever} to change it back. \thispagestyle{...} only works for a single page, it automatically reverts to the existing style thereafter. – Nicholas Hamilton Jun 13 '13 at 18:59
  • I have already tried this method, Marco. But i'm not satisfied from the result. If i do : \pagestyle{empty} \startcontents \printcontents{ }{0}{}{} \pagestyle{plain} The second page from my TOC have the plain footer. If i had a \clearpage after the \printcontents, the second page from my TOC have the empty footer but now i have an empty page with my plain footer before the first chapter... – Karim Jun 14 '13 at 6:38

The command \thispagestyle{empty} works also with titletoc. The example below creates two tocs whereby both has no header/footer:


\printcontents{ }{0}{}

\printcontents{ }{0}{}

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