I need to make an itemized checklist in ConTeXt. I tried all of the available built-in symbols, which gives a dot, line, star, triangle, small circle, medium circle, and large circle, but I need a large square, similar to "□", but larger. The instructions about Enumerations at the ConTeXt Garden show how to do many customizations, but not how to use a custom symbol.

How can I use a custom symbol for enumerations to create a checklist?`


First, you define a new symbol using \definesymbol. The symbol \square is already defined, so you can use it to produce a square. With \scale you can arbitrary scale it to the required dimensions. Finally set this new symbol as default. If you don't want to set it globally, provide it as single argument for \startitemize.



  \startitemize %% [bigsquare]
    \startitem Foo \stopitem
    \startitem Bar \stopitem

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