I am supposed to write a manuscript based on apa6. Unfortunately I am located in Germany, so my professor wants to have 2 (!) abstracts - one in English ("Abstract" - as implemented in apa6 already) and an additional one, called "Zusammenfassung" (literal translation into German).

Does anybody have an idea how to get this done? I really don't want to manually insert a page...


The class has no provision for multiple abstracts. However you can still put another abstract, stretching a bit the \abstract command.

Add the option ngerman for babel,


and then type the abstract as

\abstract{This is the abstract in English.
% \par\medskip
% \section{\normalfont\normalsize\abstractname}
  \noindent Die Zusammenfassung.\par

Depending on the style chosen, the word “Abstract” appears or not. Without a minimal example of your setup it's difficult to chose between the possibility.

If “Abstract” appears in the document, then uncomment the second line, otherwise uncomment the \par\medskip line.

For keywords you can follow a similar path.

  1. Add


    to your document preamble, after \usepackage[ngerman,american]{babel}

  2. Specify your keywords as

    \keywords{Keyword one, keyword two
      \textit{\keywordsname:} Schl\"usselwort eins, Schl\"usselwort zwei

enter image description here

  • thx a lot again for your helpful advice. unfortunately i think i didnt explain my problem exactly enough. i need: first page: abstract + keywords; 2nd page: Zusammenfassung + Schlüsselwörter. i can achieve a two page abstract with your method by inserting a \clearpage command. but by doing this keywords (or Schlüsselwörter) will only appear on the second page. – henning Jun 17 '13 at 11:09
  • 1
    @henning Can you please add to your question the document preamble? The apa6 class has lots of options. – egreg Jun 17 '13 at 12:08

I did it otherwise. I used the abstract package

So kinda like that:

    \include{Titelei}%Title, Author etc.
       \include{abstract}%you also could place the abstracts here but I placed them in another file

And in the abstract.tex file I placed the following:

       \textbf{Keywords:} Keyword1


      \textbf{Schlüsselbegriffe:} Schlüsselbegriff 1 2 und 3

Keep in mind: You will loose the \keywords{} command. Maybee someone knows why or how to fix this, but I guess this patchwork could help for bachelor-thesis for example.

Please excuse bad formating (my first post here).

I'd love to get suggestions on the \keywords problem :)

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