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How can I fix the error "GUI framework cannot be initialized" with TeXnicCenter and MiKTeX?

Yesterday I updated all packages via the Miktex 2.8 update funktion. Since then, when I use \usepackage{geometry} oder \usepackage{hyperref}, the compiling process stops with error message

pdflatex.exe: GUI framework cannot be initialized

and produces no output at all. All my other packages and stuff works just fine. Aditionally the temporary file


doesn't disappear. I know about the activate On the Fly solution, it doesn't work. Neither does un- and reinstalling those packages via package manager. Unfortunately I have no admin-rights on this computer, otherwise I would just reinstall Miktex completely.

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At first: You don't need admin rights to install and use miktex. You can install and run it in a restricted account in single user mode.

At second: The problem is probably that hyperref and geometry (or a package they load) try to load a third package which is not installed. Compile once on the command line to find out which package is missing.

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