I'm new to TeX Live. I know in MiKTeX it's very easy to add multiple paths using "MiKTeX Settings". But how can I do this in TeX Live?

The directory I want to add is


It's created by the R application, so I don't want to move it.

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  • @SeanAllred: Changing the path of texmfhome as suggested in the question you linked to is not the same. In miktex you can add new roots. This is not so easy in TeXLive as scripts could assume that variables like texmfhome points to one texmf tree and so you could run into troubles if you put a list of trees in the variable. So you can only replace trees. – Ulrike Fischer Jun 17 '13 at 6:59
  • @ulrike-fischer I am still searching for a solution to add an additional folder to texlive. Is there a solution already? – Moritz H. Jul 15 '19 at 8:46
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    @MoritzH. yes there is, see the documentation of tlmgr. But I would really prefer if you would ask a real new question instead of pinging me personally by highjacking some old comment of mine. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 15 '19 at 8:49

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