I have an image which is zoomed in a beamer presentation, when I try to do a handout of the presentation the slide with the zoomed image is shown. As I look at the handout the slide shown is the one with the zoomed image, therefore the original slide is hidden. I have tried this, but it does not work out:


The commands that I'm using to do the handout are:



\pgfpagesuselayout{4 on 1}[letter,border shrink=1mm]
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    this has been already answered but I can't find the answer right now. However, replace your \framezoom[...] with: \only<beamer>{\framezoom<1><2>[border=0](6cm,4.6cm)(4.5cm,3cm)} and the zoomed frame should be removed from the handout .
    – d-cmst
    Jun 17, 2013 at 11:11

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You can enclose your \framezoom command into a \only<beamer>{...}, like this:


For more info see section 8.4 of the manual: "Restricting the Slides of a Frame", where other uses of <beamer> are explained.

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