When I check my bib file, the newspaper article is included as @misc with all the information (I use Mendeley to build up my bib file). In the bibliography, however, the citation only includes author's and article's name (No newspaper name, month and day).

How should I include newspaper article in the bib file to cite it properly?

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    Have you considered using the @article entry type, with the journal field for the newspaper title, and month field for the day and month? – Guido Jun 19 '13 at 3:55
  • I thought about that, but is that the only option? I am afraid that it won't be consistently correct across bib style. I was hoping that there was a dedicated option for newspaper article (which does get cited differently from journal article in academic bibliography) – Heisenberg Jun 19 '13 at 4:38

The @article entry type is definitely the right one for citing newspaper articles.

As you can read in the biblatex manual:


An article in a journal, magazine, newspaper, or other periodical which forms a self-contained unit with its own title. The title of the periodical is given in the journaltitle field. If the issue has its own title in addition to the main title of the periodical, it goes in the issuetitle field. Note that editor and related fields refer to the journal while translator and related fields refer to the article.

Required fields: author, title, journaltitle, year/date

Optional fields: translator, annotator, commentator, subtitle, titleaddon , editor , editora , editorb , editorc , journalsubtitle , issuetitle, issuesubtitle, language, origlanguage, series, volume, number, eid, issue, month, pages, version, note, issn, addendum, pubstate, doi, eprint, eprintclass, eprinttype, url, urldate

Fields can be different if you don't use biblatex, but the concept is the same.

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