I have almost no knowledge about licences and there differences. I use the standard LaTeX licence (lppl) for my sty files. Now I wonder if this licence is also suitable for a template. Previously I had not put any licence to my template and that resulting in two annoying things:

  1. it was changed and put online under a different name. This happened to a very early version and I found this code in a forum, where I could only give the advise to use my updated version instead.
  2. I got asked several times if I allow people to publish the pdf when my template was used. (Sure)

If lppl would have too many restrictions, would lgpl be suitable? If so, how would I put the project under that licence. I can not put every file under a licence. I could add a single file called licence.txt. But what would that contain? The text from gnu.org?

Note that I had asked this more or less before how-to-put-a-latex-project-template-under-a-license, but with no useful answer.



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