In a Beamer frame with two "pages" (the second one appearing after mouse click) I have:

  • On first page an itemize environment with 3 \item followed by a picture added with includegraphics
  • On second page the same itemize environment with the same 3 \item and I want to replace the picture by a 4th \item

My problem is about how keep the same position and size of all elements in the two pages. I am able to replace my graphics by a 4th item using <1> on the include graphics and <2> on the 4th itemize but the layout of the frame changes between the two pages. How can I avoid that ?

  • Can you post a minimal working example to illustrate? My first response is to top-align the slide content by supplying the [t] option to \begin{frame}
    – Herr K.
    Jun 20, 2013 at 23:27

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You can use \overlayarea:


A simple example:




\item<1-> First item.
\item<1-> Second item.
\item<1-> Third item.

\item<2> Fourth item.


enter image description here

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