Maybe what I want is sinful, but let me explain:

I use aligned* environments, because I usually don't need equation numbers. When I need one, I use \addtocounter{equation}{1}\tag{\theequation} from align* but show one equation number at the end.

Furthermore, I don't use the proof environment, but just set my own tombstones at the end of equations. In align* this works nicely with \tag*{\qedsymbol}.

Now I need one equation number for a whole set of equations, like in How to get only one vertically centered equation number in align environment with two equations, but still want my self-made tombstone. I like the split solution, but all solutions clash with either my tombstone or my equation numbering.

Here is an MWE (or rather not, since the tombstone is missing):


T(n)              = {} & 2T(n/2) + 3n/2  \\
                    {} & \vdots \\
                  = {} & 3n/2 \cdot \log_2n .   %\tombstone
\end{split} \label{fftcost} \numberthis 


Can anybody tell me how to get one equation number for all equations and still have my tombstone?

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Takes a bit of work but I like this one better. Not a big fan of those home made tombstone constructions.

T(n)              = {} & 2T(n/2) + 3n/2  \\
{} & \vdots \\
= {} & 3n/2 \cdot \log_2n .  %\tombstone
\end{split} \label{fftcost}

enter image description here

ntheorem has some placing issues on some cases, but empheq fixes those. One cannot use \intertext inside empheq though

  • there's a reason why ams document classes default to having equation numbers on the left. Jun 21, 2013 at 15:32
  • Sorry Barbara, but I don't know anyone who likes having the numbers on the left. It disrupts the natural reading flow.
    – daleif
    Jun 24, 2013 at 8:10

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