I'm using the \newtheoremstyle{name} command to generate a specific theorem head spec in the form of:

{\thmname{#1}\thmnumber{ #2}.\thmnote{ #3}}

where #1 is Theorem, #2 is 'the theorem number', and #3 is 'my theorem name'.

However, when I don't use 'my theorem name' as in some cases, the output gives two dots (the one after \thmnumber, and the one after the thm head).

How can I avoid this? I mean, how to avoid the extra dot in case of a theorem with no name?

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Move the dot into the argument of \thmnote.

Full example:

  {\thmname{#1}\thmnumber{ #2}\thmnote{. #3}}



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  • thanks a lot! it was trivial but I didn't see it! – Paul Feb 25 '11 at 15:19

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