I would like to write my graduation thesis in LaTeX, but I need to make a frontispiece that exactly looks like this one made with Microsoft Word:

enter image description here

I've tried with some environments like titlepage and the package frontespizio, but the result is very different from the example given above.

So I've thought it would have been useful to use absolute positioning, but I can't understand the usage of the package textpos. Of course I don't want the code for a full frontispiece, but which is the code (for example) to get that "Università degli Studi di Salerno" at that height and at the center of the page?




As I indicated in my comment, I find title pages to be sufficiently individual as to warrant making them 'by hand' - I did this for your example below. I didn't have the Salerno logo so I put a box there instead but you can simple change the definition of \plogo to instead be \includegraphics{yourlogo}.

Hopefully it's obvious what you can change to finetune the layout.


\newcommand*{\plogo}{\Huge \fbox{LOGO}}
\newlength{\drop}% for my convenience

    {\Huge\bfseries\rmfamily\scshape Universita degli Studi Di Salerno}\\[\baselineskip]
    \rule{\textwidth}{2pt}\par %default baslineskip inserted between the rules
    {\Huge\bfseries\rmfamily\scshape Facolta di Economia}\\[\baselineskip]
    {\large\bfseries\rmfamily Corso di laurea in economia e commercio}\\[\baselineskip]
%   \vspace*{1cm}
    {\large\bfseries\rmfamily TESI DI LAUREA}\\
    {\large\bfseries\rmfamily IN}\\
    {\Large\bfseries\rmfamily STORIA ECONOMICA}\\
    {\large\itshape\bfseries\rmfamily Titolo della tesi}\\
    {\small\bfseries Relatore}\\
    {\bfseries Ch.mo. Prof.}\\
    {\bfseries\itshape Biagio DI SALVIA }
    {\bfseries\small Candidato:}\\
    {\bfseries\itshape Nome Cognome}\\
    {\bfseries Matr.: }
    {\large\bfseries\rmfamily ANNO ACCADEMICO 2012-2013}


This produces enter image description here

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  • Well, thank you. This will also be useful to learn, but it's a great frontispiece for my thesis. – Luigi Jun 22 '13 at 20:21

I had the same problem you have now when I wrote my thesis, but I didn't use any of the packages you've mentioned (probably they didn't even exist since it happened many years ago).

But I read this beatiful introduction to the LaTeX world (it is written in Italian!): Una (mica tanto) breve introduzione a LATEX2ε that helped me much.

At page 77 (93 of 109) you can find a description of the parameters relative to page layout: enter image description here.

If, for example, you want to reduce the parameter no. 2 of 1/2 inch you have to give a negative value to \voffset in this way:


But this is a very old manner to deal with these things. Nowadays packages like frontespizio (if you learn how to use them) will reduce much your work.

Anyway it has been nice to remember the days of my thesis.

Tanti auguri per la tua laurea!

BTW: I used the titlepage environment for that...


Despite you have already accepted an answer, this is my old code (1998) adapted to your frontispiece:




  \textsc{\LARGE Facoltà di Economia}
  \Large TESI DI LAUREA \vskip.1in IN
  \emph{\huge Titolo della tesi}


    \bfseries\large Relatore:\par Ch.mo Prof.\par \emph{Biagio Di SALVIA}
    \bfseries\large Candidato:\par \emph{Nome Cognome}\par Matr.:


\Large ANNO ACCADEMICO 2008-2009


and this is the result:

enter image description here

Tanti auguri di nuovo!

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  • This is even better than the one before. I've already accepted the first answer, so it would not be nice to change it and you already have a great reputation. And I think that your edit wasn't made to get more reputation,but just for kindness. Anyway, for what it's worth, you really have all my gratitude! :) – Luigi Jun 22 '13 at 22:42
  • I've just seen that you're Italian too. Grazie mille :) – Luigi Jun 22 '13 at 22:47
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    @Luigi I was watching Italia-Brasile so I hadn't the time to do that before... Don't worry about having accepted another answer. It's OK. You can always upvote other answers of mine when you find them interesting :-) – karlkoeller Jun 23 '13 at 5:02

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