I am trying to use Beamer in Lyx in order to write my thesis presentation and i would like to add some effects in it (for e.x. fade away etc)..

How can i add effects in Lyx while using beamer?


In addition to commented transitions between frames, Beamer can do many several effects within frames with commands \pause, \only, \visible \uncover or \onslide, that have overlays specifications that can be also applied to normal LaTeX \items of enumerate or itemize environments for example, or at the whole environments.

A transition within a frame is obtained generating a new slide, so have in mind that the abuse of these effects can slow down significantly your talk and boring your audience if there are not time constrains.But a judicious combinations of overlays with \alert or \spot (need package of the same name) could be very effective.

The following MWE is only a frame the produce 3 slides showing some of these effects.

\begin{frame}{Only a frame, slide \thepage}

Normal text \alert<1-3>{ 1}\alert<2-3>{ 2}\alert<3>{ 3}

\only<1>{First only} 
\only<2>{Second only}
\only<3>{Third only}

\visible<1>{First visible}
\visible<2>{Second visible}
\visible<3>{Third visible}

\uncover<1-3>{First uncover}
\uncover<2-3>{Second uncover}
\uncover<3>{Third uncover}

\item<1|alert@1> First enumerate
\item<2> Second enumerate
\item<3> Third enumerate

\begin{itemize}[<+-| alert@+>]
        \item item
        \item item
        \item item

Tip: make texdoc beamer. Go to page 78.

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